The Red Pony. Contemporary American Folk Music.

Charlène Thomas

Since Charlène was a kid, singing has always been a major part of her life. Inspired by Ray Charles and Ella Fitzgerald, she entered the Jazz and Blues world as a singer in several bands.

She then eventually decided to become a professional musician and studied Jazz Vocals and Jazz Piano at University of the Arts, Bremen, Germany.

She simply loves the pure and honest sound of human voices and enjoys singing and writing for the three oh so different voices of The Red Pony.

Charlène is a singer, teacher, university docent and choir conductor and can be heard and seen throughout the country.

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Kristian Sand

Singer and guitar player Kristian was the first to introduce his former Folk Band "Kristian Sand and The Small Band" to the Folk world, e.g. the famous Rudolstadt Festival. Fascinated by the different origins of northern American Folk and their inspirational impact on the greatest known Songwriters of our time like Mark Ribot and Bill Frisell, Kristian's passion for such rooted music grew.

Buildung up The Red Pony fulfilled his desire, to create a subtle, minimal and fragile atmosphere.

Three voices, a banjo and two guitars indeed create a very unique tone, clearly - the heart of the matter.





David Lübke

David is a songwriter, guitar and banjo player. He finds his roots in Country and Folk Music, writes his own tuns and is, as the German would say, a state of the art "Liedermacher". 
On his regular trips to Ireland he collects folkloric treasures, spreads his unique sound and gets together with Irish artists.

He's currently studying Jazz Drums at the Music Conservatory in Hanover, Germany and, being such an amazing musical chameleon, he is an important sideman in various bands e.g. German Country singer Sarah Brendel or Irishman Hank Wedel.







The Red Pony wurde von Charlène Thomas und Kristian Sand ins Leben gerufen. Während einer Zusammenarbeit im Sommer 2015 für das TFF Rudolstadt und das St. Pauli Folk Festival mit Kristian Sand and The Small Band entstand die Idee, moderne American Folk Music mit minimalistischer musikalischer Begleitung zu spielen. Seit Winter 2016 bereichert David Lübke mit seinem einfühlsamen Gitarren- und Banjospiel die Klangvorstellung der Band. 


The Red Pony interpretiert amerikanische Folksongs aus der Zeit der großen Einwanderungswellen bis heute - modern und eigenständig. Im Mittelpunkt steht die einfache, schlichte Schönheit dieser Lieder - minimalistisch und allein an Ausdruck und Klang orientiert. Inspiriert durch die Musik begann die Band damit, eigene Songs zu schreiben und blickt mittlerweile auf ein großes Repertoire an Eigenkompositionen.